Women Lift Up is a dynamic community of women ready to Lift Up each other and make meaningful connections
It is all about self-fulfilment! An exclusive space for women who wish to flourish, achieve their potential, foster their project and socialise in a smart way, right there at your fingertips

Women Lift Up is a leading online platform.

Today more than ever, women wish to learn, create, progress, carry out projects and grow.

Women Lift Up is a space for all women where they could meet, collaborate, create a network, share their skills and learn in just a few clicks…the main goal being women empowerment through an effective tool. This platform is however more than a sharing and learning space, it’s also a safe space to expand, regain trust in your power and achieve your professional or/and personal project.

Our platform offers cutting-edge workshops about leadership, public speaking, digital marketing, life coaching, yoga, language classes, art, as well as monthly brainstorming sessions. These events give you the opportunity to collaborate and exchange with other co-members and foster creative ideas.

These workshops are included in the membership and are free for members.​
You will be able to register in a couple of clicks to any workshops we have on offer.

Members around the globe have access to a virtual workplace in order to :
  1. Network, exchange and share information

  2. Brainstorm and work together

  3. Attend and give online workshops, training and coaching sessions.

Women Lift Up works closely with training partners such as ImprO2, who offers tailor-made online training about female leadership, Time to Pitch who will guide you to create your own pitch and Break Into English who offers English boot camps.

Tailor-made coaching sessions in small groups are also organized on our platform in order to help you grow personally and professionally.

These training and coaching sessions are given at a special and exclusive price for members.

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