What we’re Offering

Personal Development

Workshops & Mutual learning

Regular workshops are organized by Members for Members.
​Members have the opportunity to present and share their passion and skills and offer class/workshops to others.

Network Booster

Online Community & Events

You will have access to an amazing online community through our Members area. During our online and live events, you will be able to meet with other members and build strong connections


Training & Coaching

As a member of Women Lift Up you will have access to training and coaching sessions given by training partners or members.


Women Lift Up is the first virtual coworking space dedicated to women empowerment. It’s a leading platform offering live online workshops, training, brainstorming and coaching sessions, where members can connect, create a positive synergy and share their experiences and skills.

Network Events

Boost your network with our regular events

Because we believe in the benefits of in-person networking we organize live events a few times per year to give the opportunity to our members to meet and connect personally.

Online Events

Live online workshops, training, brainstorming and coaching sessions are organized for members


Doris Saouma

Women up lift is an amazing networking platform. I have met many interesting women from all walks of life, each adding her own spice to this world. I have also learned a lot from the workshops offered, and the networking events are a cherry on top. It is a great platform for meeting interesting people, learning new skills, or simply, having virtual colleagues who share similar values.

Doris Saouma

Mouna Chamariq

When I heard about this project founded by a woman for women to connect, share and inspire from their heart, I immediately contacted Tamara, the founder of Women Lift Up and asked to meet her. Her answer back to me was as easy as it can get:

_What about a virtual coffee in the platform of Women Lift Up.

We met behind a video camera, we chatted, laughed and connected quickly like we knew each other before. I was convinced to support her meaningful project and join this fantastic community of like-minded women.

The virtual workshops and brainstorming sessions gather small groups of genuine and uplifting women interested to embark on a specific topic and experience what Women Lift Up has to offer.

Various studies show how important healthy relationships and social connectedness are to our wellbeing. They nurture us and help us grow.

Thank you Tamara.

Mouna Chamariq

Patricia Roux

Women Lift Up is an amazing space for any women who wish to learn, share, grow and connect. I am amazed by the richness of the workshops and the programs on offer as well as the the simplicity of the tools – it’s really user friendly! The information passed on is clear, the facilitators are experienced and the content is always high quality. As a member I was able to provide a workshop myself, a great way to share my skills, meet new people and grow my network. This original project is really fantastic and I’m delighted to be part of it.

Patricia Roux

Jeannine Courvoisier

What a great opportunity to meet ladies from different countries and professional background through Women Lift Up platform. Connecting with the newest technologies available creates a fun interactive and enriching experience for workshops and meetings. The energy brought by the members gives a unique sphere where everyone is part of a supportive unified and inspirational community.

Jeannine Courvoisier